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Plant and Plug 2015-2016!
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Plant and Plug 2015-2016!

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In this catalog you will find a wide variety of plants and plugs. Browse the most popluar Annuals, Perennials and Edibles- you'll find it all! These featured items are followed by complete price lists for each of our growers. These price lists are perforated along the edge so that they can also be used as order forms.

Once you locate the items you wish to order, you will find one or more grower codes after the plant description. These grower codes identify the growers producing that particular plant. Use these grower codes to find each grower's price list in the last section of this catalog.

Each price list provides complete ordering information by product, including size/specifications, minimum order quantity, lead time, shipping methods, and price.

Choose from a wide selection of high quality plants and plugs. We work with our suppliers to ensure you get a wide variety of the finest products available. To provide this choice, we often list multiple sources for the plant listed. We provide a separate price list for each source.

Much of your plant material will be grown to order. Please note the lead time specified in the price list. Ordering early puts you in a more competitive position. You will be sure you get the varieties you want!

Which plug size is right for me? We offer many seed grown plug sizes to meet your individual requirements. Small plugs enable you to produce a large number of finished plants economically. Large plugs allow for faster pack production or use in pots and hanging baskets. It depends on your crop schedule, where you live, and which size containers your customers prefer. But here are some general guidelines:

SMALL: 512 & 384
Our smallest and most economical plugs, these are commonly used for cell pack production. They are easy to handle, take off quickly, and withstand shipping well.

These mid-size plugs shorten your finish time by about a week over the smaller size, enabling you to turn a second (or third) cell-pack crop in the spring. If you live in the south, they are also terrific for fall crops.

LARGE: 216 & 128
The largest plugs are best for 4-inch or larger pots and hanging baskets. These big plugs become established quickly and easily in containers with larger soil volumes, reducing your finish time on big-ticket sales.

What’s so Great about Park Plugs®? FREE PLUGS IN NEARLY EVERY TRAY! With Park Plugs®, you usually get more than you pay for — literally! We know that not every plug may arrive in useable condi tion, so we load the tray with freebies. For example, the TR375 cell tray actually contains 384 cells. Those extra plugs are pure profit!