Exclusive Seeds

Only the very best and only at Park Seed

For over 150 years, Park Seed has been synonymous with gardening and has provided gardeners and growers with only the highest quality seeds; so, when we put our name on something, you know it has to be good. Park’s exclusive, history-making Whopper varieties are loved by gardeners across America and offer exceptionally heavy yields of some of the biggest, beefiest vegetables and fruits available, but bred with excellent flavor as the ultimate goal. And Park’s exclusive flowers and ornamentals are some of the most unique you’ll find anywhere. Our varieties are easy to grow and have superior disease resistance—for a successful growing experience.

In addition, our seeds exceed industry germination standards and are packaged with extreme care. So, you can rely on our seeds arriving perfectly intact, garden ready, and prepared to grow. And superior germination is guaranteed. We pride ourselves on being the preferred seed supplier for commercial and professional growers of all sizes, and we feel confident you will love Park Seed exclusive seed varieties as much as we do.